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papet-vaudois recipe

Date:    Thu, 12 Jan 95 08:37:27 EST
 From:    "Sue Willis, NIU 815-753-0667, CERN 41-22-767-5420"
 The following recipe is adapted from a flyer which appeared in my mailbox
 here in Geneva, called "Live Better - the Magazine for the Pleasure of a 
 Healthy Life".
 Le papet vaudois
 for 4 people
 	1 onion, chopped fine
 	1 3/4 lb leeks, in 1" pieces
 	18 oz potatoes, diced
 	7/8 cup dry white wine
 	7/8 cup vegetable broth
 	1/2 cup evaporated skim milk
 	salt, pepper, nutmeg
 	1. Saute the onion in your favorite liquid. Add the leeks and saute, 
 then add the white wine and broth, and cook covered for 15 minutes. Then add
 the potatoes, season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg, and cook another 10 to 15
 	2. When the potatoes and leeks are tender, add the milk and adjust the
 kwlacto lacto