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okra-grits recipe

Date:    Tue, 17 Jan 95 18:37:32 PST
 From:    dfuller@ix.netcom.com (Franklin Fuller)
 I am originally from the south... and I have always missed the hearty 
 (and usually fat filled) fare.  But this tasty dish is quick, easy, 
 fat free and delicious.
 1 1/2 # fresh or frozen okra
 Around 28-38 ounces of canned tomatoes (more tomatoes = more tomatoey)
 6-10 cloves of finely chopped garlic
 1 yellow onion (preferably Vidalia) chopped
 3 bay leaves
 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper (optional)
 1/8 tsp. dry thyme
 1 tsp. dry oregano
 1 tsp. vegetarian Worcestershire sauce (optional)
 salt and pepper to taste
 Tabasco to taste
 ..Grits, Polenta or rice to serve it over
 Saute the okra, onions and garlic in a little water, stock or 
 courtboullion until the okra begins to lose its stickiness and the 
 onions are nice and translucent.  Add the canned tomatoes (juice and 
 all) squashing the tomatoes themselves with your hands or other device. 
 Add all remaining spices and let simmer 1/2 hour (or a little more if 
 you want it more done).  Serve over the grits or whathaveyou and your'e 
 all set...goes well with cornbread!
 kwvegan vegan