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nightshades recipe

Date:    Fri, 06 May 94 16:45:15 CDT
 From:    Lynn Warble (warble@ecn.purdue.edu)
 1 eggplant
 4 potatoes
 1 onion
 10 garlic
 1 tomato
 Jalapenos to taste
 Whatever spices you like  (basil is good)
 Slice everything into round slices 1/2" for the eggplant, skinnier
 for the potato.  Arrange in layers in a glass pan and put into 
 375 degree oven for an hour or til brown.
 Serve as the base for your leftover chili.   (I suppose
 spaghetti sauce would also be good). 
 It was good the first time and better the second time.
 kwvegan vegan