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mee-rebus recipe

Date:    Mon, 18 Oct 93 08:51:42 EDT
 From:    Christina Hulbe (chulbe@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)
      This is my re-working of a traditional Malasian
 (according to what I have learned) dish.  There is a
 little time spent in the preparation but it is, IMHO,
 worth it.  Hope you like it.
        Mee Rebus,  Noodles in Sweet Potato Gravy (Malay)
                    for 4 people
        1/2   lb    flat wheat noodles or yellow noodles
                    (either fresh or dry)
        4     Cups  mung bean sprouts
        1-1/2 lb    sweet potatoes
        1     med   sized yellow onion
        2     large fresh hot red chiles (Italian, Fresno)
        2           red serrano chiles
                    or substitute 6-8 dry red chiles, soaked, for fresh
        2-1/2 Tbsp  dried ground coriander
        2     cubes preserved bean curd (Fu Ru, Fu Chi)
        3-1/2 Cups  vegetable broth seasoned with 4 tsp dark soy sauce
        6           spring onions, shredded
        1     stalk celery, diagonally sliced
        2           fresh green chiles, sliced
        2     Tbsp  fresh ginger, grated or fine strips
        2           limes, cut in eight sections
        2     Tbsp  dark soy sauce
        (2    squares pressed, seasoned tofu, crumbled) (optional)
        Garnish: Prepare garnish ingredients, place in individual serving
        dishes and set aside.
        Gravy: Wash sweet potatoes, pierce several times with a sharp knife,
        and steam (or cook in microwave) until tender.  Set aside to cool.
        Mince onion and chiles, mix together and grind into a coarse paste
        (or continue chopping until this consistency is achieved).  Peel
        and chop sweet potatoes.  In a medium bowl, mash 3/4 of the
        potatoes, adding vegetable stock (up to 1 cup) as needed.
        Heat large skillet or wok over med-high heat.  Toast coriander in
        heated pan until very fragrant, 2 to 3 minutes.  Remove coriander
        from the pan.  Dry-fry onion and chile paste, stirring frequently,
        for 3 minutes.  Add several Tbsp vegetable stock, preserved
        bean curd, and toasted coriander to the pan.  Mash the bean curd,
        mixing with other ingredients in the pan and fry for 2 minuets.
        Add remaining stock.  When the stock comes to the boil, blend
        in mashed potatoes, reduce heat to low, add reserved potato cubes,
        cover, and simmer.
        Noodles and Bean Sprouts: Bring a large pot of water to the boil.
        Blanch bean sprouts (2 or 3 minutes) and divide among 4 wide
        soup bowls.  Cook noodles according to type used, and divide
        among bowls.
        Stir gravy, adding warm stock or water if needed to thin, and quickly
        ladle over hot sprouts and noodles.  Serve with garnishes to add as
        without bean curd garnish: aprox. 400 cal per serving (1/4),
                                          0.5 g fat (1%)
        with bean curd: 425 cal per serving, 2.25 g fat (5%)
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