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marinated-grilled-portabello-mushrooms recipe

Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 13:18:11 EDT
From: RWard2121@aol.com
Message-ID: (57.49b2ea6.263095d3@aol.com)

Marinated grilled portabello mushrooms

Mix together in a zip-lock type bag:
3 T Red Wine Vinegar
3 T Rice Wine Vinegar
1 T Dijon or coarse german-style Mustard
Freshly ground pepper

Take the stems off of the mushrooms.  I throw them out cause they are tough, 
but some people use them in other ways - I'm just not creative enough.
Wipe the muchrooms clean with a damp towel, and put in a zip-lock type bag 
with the marinade.  Squish around and refrigerate a couple of hours.
Take out of bag, sprinkle with a Cajun seasoning and grill directly on the 
(very very hot) grill for a couple of minutes on each side.  Slice on the 
diagonal and place over some elegant greens (use the leftover marinade as 
dressing), or serve on a hamburger bun like a burger with all the trimmings.

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