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lefse recipe

Date:    Tue, 09 Nov 93 16:35:52 CST
 From:    kimberly@wri.com  (Kimberly Michael)
 this is the fat free version of a lefse recipe I have used for a few years:
 3 cups mashed potatos - I just drained them 
 and mashed them up with no extra liquid
 1/2 cup applesauce (seems to be the grease 
 replacement of choice, and it worked)
 3 tbsp sugar
 2 tsp salt
 Powdered milk was also part of the original recipe (1c), I blew it off
 completely and went for a tablespoon of vanilla rice dream. Probably you
 could omit that as well.  If anyone has a suggestion for a powdered milk
 replacement, I'm game.
 when the above mixture is cool (from using cooked potatos) 
 add 1.5 cups flour. The batter might still be a little sticky after this is in.
 Roll thin on floured surface, "fry" in nonstick pan, turning when brown
 spots appear on bottom. Like flour tortillias.
 Serve warm with jam of your choice, I have a couple for breakfast with
 applesauce/applebutter and tea.
 The original recipe also calls for 3 cups of water and 3 cups of instant
 potatos, but I used real mashed potatos instead (the "buttery" kind that
 are yellow inside).  My critics think the instant potatos may add some
 salt, so keep that in mind if you want/don't want more salt. I added too
 much rice dream the first time and ended up adding too much flour to
 compensate, with the end product being edible but rubbery lefse.
 Since I like this for breakfast, I will probably work on getting the
 flour/sugar content down in the future.
 kwvegan vegan