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lazy-day-dish recipe

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 10:20:55 +0000
From: "Frances Watts" (fran@netheads.co.za)

Quick 'n Easy Dinner Dish
(also known as Mum's Lazy Day Dish)

Saute half a chopped cabbage and a chopped onion in water/wine for a 
few minutes to soften.
Add in mashed potato and stir gently together. 
Add seasoning as required.
Let the bottom of the mixture brown in the frying pan - about 5 
(I never have any success at this - it ends up sticking! But it still tastes fine)

When it is all heated through, dish it up and enjoy it! Even my kids 
love this one. You can add mushrooms, green peppers, celery, lentils, 
left-over cooked (or raw) carrots - in fact almost anything.

Feeds 2 or 3, depending on the amount of left-over potato you have.  

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