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kish-roll recipe

Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 12:35:31 -0700
From: michael@newton.crisp.net

Kish Roll

This recipe is adapted from a purchase at a local Health Food
Store. It was called a "Kish Roll", but it may go by another name.
It is very easy to make and very tasty for everyone. 

4-6 flour tortillas 
1 cup Millett (can also sub. TVP, Quinoa, Amaranth, etc...)
1 cup water
1 cup BBQ sauce or soy/vinegar/salt mixture
1/4 cup onions
1-3 tablespoons chopped garlic
garlic powder to taste (OK- we like garlic)
fatfree shredded cheese- cheddar flavor is good
lettuce or raw spinach

Millett has a very nice "meaty" chewy texture, and is recommended.
Toast millett til golden brown in a large pan or pot- I prefer a pot 
since the millett tends to crackle and pop sometimes out of the pan. 
It is usually sufficent to use a cooking spray in your non-stick pots 
for this. 

Add water, bbq sauce, garlic, garlic powder, salt, and onions to
pot. Simmer and a low boil covered until millett has soaked up the
liquids in the mixture. Stir occasionaly to mix all the flavors 
together. It is done when the millett is soft but still slighty
chewy. You should have slightly moist mixture when done- it should not 
be too dry. Add more water and simmer longer if it is still crunchy.

Take your tortilla shell, we prefer to slightly nuke or steam them
right before hand, and fill the center with the millet mix. Top with
your favorite cheese immediately so it can melt in. Then put some
fresh spinach/lettuce/or your favorite leafy veggie along the top
as well. Roll it as tight as you can and dig in!

The millet really holds the flavor of the sauce you cook it in. Try to
experiment with different flavor sauces as well as different grains
as well. Couscous, Quinoa, or TVP may work as well.

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