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grilled-veggies-capers recipe

Date:    Fri, 04 Jun 93 11:24:07 PDT
 From:    rfelix@netcom.com (Robbie Felix)
 Grilled Veggies with capers
 Grill a huge pile of thin-sliced veggies on the BBQ(zuchinni,
 crookneck squash, acorn squash, red and green peppers, sliced onions,
 eggplant, whatever). Usually i spray them lightly with "Pam" or
 something first, but it isn't critical.
 Pile them up on a huge platter. Squeeze one or two fresh lemons over
 them, sprinkle very lightly with garlic salt and pour a small jar of
 drained capers over all.
 Most non veggies will pig-out on this stuff at a barbeque, it is so good!
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