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glorias-samp recipe

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 23:43:27 -0700
 From: kovilanm@vines.tnet.co.za
 The request for a SAMP recipe got me thinking about my childhood. Samp was 
 a regular repast in our house and was pretty good, though all my instincts 
 told me otherwise (it had a suspiciously 'healthy' look [and taste] about 
 it)! Anyway, I took the long drive back home over the weekend and got the 
 following recipe from my mother. I can't wait to try it...
 Mom Gloria's Samp
 6-8	Cups	Water
 2 	Cups	Samp
 1	Cup	Sugar Beans
 1		Onion
 1		Tomato
 Your favourite veggies [chopped], we used:
 2 		Carrots
 1	Cup 	Green Beans
 2	Small	Potatoes
 1	Cup	Shredded Cabbage
 2		Zucchini
 Salt and Pepper (to taste)
 (1) Soak the samp and sugar beans SEPARATELY overnight.
 (2) Rinse samp, drain and boil for 30 minutes.
 (3) Add washed beans and salt to taste (try 2 tsp.).
 (4) Boil 'til soft but firm (about 60 - 90 minutes).
 (5) Add vegetables and lower heat to simmer for 30-45 minutes 'till 
 vegetables are done.
 (6) Add pepper to taste (you may have to adjust the salt).
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