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garlic-eggplant recipe

Date:    Mon, 12 Sep 94 10:50:33 PDT
 From:    nlehrer@isx.com (Nancy Lehrer)
 Garlic Eggplant (4-6 servings)
 1 medium onion - coarsely chopped
 8 oz mushrooms - quartered
 6 japanesse eggplants - cut in cubes
     (or one large regular eggplant, the japanesse are sweeter in my
      opinion. If you you regular eggplant, you may want to salt and
      drain for a couple of hours.)
 3/4 HEAD of garlic - crushed or chopped fine
                  (that's HEAD not clove, yes, a lot of garlic
                   you can use less if you really want to.)
 1 cup water 
 1 Tablespoon dried basil or 1/4 cup fresh chopped
 salt and pepper to taste.
 In a large heavy bottomed pan (or dutch oven), sautee (in water or
 veggie stock) onions over medium heat until soft and sweet. Add
 mushrooms, eggplant, garlic and water. Keep on med - high heat stiring
 occationally until the water is boiling (about 2 min). Turn down heat
 to a simmer and cover about 1/2 hour or until eggplant is done and
 very soft (regular eggplant may take a bit longer). Add basil, salt
 and pepper to taste. Reheat when ready to serve.
 If you *want* to add tomatoes, 6-8 plum tomatoes would be good.
 kwvegan vegan