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foil-dinners recipe

Date:    Mon, 20 Mar 95 16:47:25 CST
 From:    dwahl@aries.uthscsa.edu (Denise Wahl)
 I went camping this weekend and changed a recipe that a friend made for us
 before I became a vegetarian.  She calls it foil dinners.  It really is a 
 tasty treat and can be modified to include any vegetable you want.
 1 onion sliced
 1 bell pepper sliced
 1 zuchini sliced
 3 or 4 carrots sliced
 6 mushrooms
 6 small red potatoes cubed (large)
 falafel mix
 any seasoning you like ( I like cayenne and black pepper)
 Start charcoals.
 Mix the falafel per instructions.  Cut all vegetables.
 When falafel is ready, get a piece of foil big enough to fit all the 
 ingredients.  (You'll know how big after you do your first one!)  Put
 shiny side in.  (I don't know why, just do it!)
 Put some falafel mix in the middle, shape like an oblong pattie.  Put some
 of each vegetable on top, watch for carrots that like to roll off. :-) 
 Sprinkle lots of seasoning.  
 Now the tricky part, closing the foil.  You make a boat and take the long
 sides, put them together and roll a couple of times (as many as you can).  You
 then take the ends and roll them upwards as far as you can.  I take 
 another piece of foil and wrap it again the same way in the same direction.
 You want to do it in such a way that no juice or steam can escape.
 Do this until you are out of food.  I made six good sized dinners with
 falafel and 2 with just vegetables.  I probably used between 1.5 and 2 cups
 of falafel mix.
 Put foil dinners on coals, making sure there are no flames.  After about
 15 minutes, you can flip the dinners.  When you start to smell the food, it
 probably is done.  You really need to just make sure the vegetables are cooked.
 You can check a dinner at any time and just close it back up if it's not 
 This is a really great dinner.  Serve with bread if you have it.  I like to
 put picante sauce on mine.
 kwvegan vegan