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eggplant-parmesean-2 recipe

Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 10:06:40 +0800
 From: Roni.Gildenston@Corp.Sun.COM (Roni Gildenston)
 I love eggplant parmesean!  Here's my recipe.
 1 eggplant
 1 small container of italian style bread crumbs
 3-4 egg whites
 no-stick spray (Pam)
 slice eggplant in 1/2 inch slices.  Put flour in 
 a bowl.  Put bread crumbs in a seperate bowl.  Beat 
 egg whites until light.  Cover eggplant with egg
 white, then dip in flour.  Dip eggplant back in 
 egg white and then into italian style bread crumbs.
 "Fry" in a no-stick pan on med-high heat  with 
 no-stick spray.  Keep warm in oven.  Serve with 
 pasta and make a home made spaghetti sauce or buy 
 your favorite low fat/ff pasta sauce to pour over
 the top of the pasta and eggplant.  This was a hit 
 at my Easter dinner, even with the SAD people in 
 the house.   1 eggplant serves 2-3 people depending
 on how much other food you serve with it.  A little
 fat free parmesean cheese is good with it too.
 kwovo ovo