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curried-cauliflower recipe

Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 10:44:17 -0500
 From: Pamela.L.Donner@Abbott.Com
 Here is a quick and easy veggie side dish that is one
 of my absolute favorites:
 Curried Cauliflower
 1 head cauliflower
 1 T (more or less to taste) curry powder
 1/4 cup mango vinegar *
 some dark leafy lettuce (opt)
 fat free sour cream (opt)
 OR rice (opt)
 Cut up the cauliflower into bite sized pieces and place in a
 microwave safe shallow bowl or casserole dish and sprinkle
 the curry powder all over it.  Cover and microwave on high 
 for about 4 min (more or less depending on your microwave and
 how soft or crunchy you want the cauliflower).  Drizzle the
 mango vinegar all over the steamed, curried cauliflower.
 I usually serve this on a bed of lettuce and sometimes dab
 ff sour cream (landolakes) on it for a main dish salad. 
  But it would also make a great side dish with a family dinner
  or a main dish seved with rice.
 *I buy pre-made mango vinegar that is not cheap
 (about $8  8oz), but I've been meaning to try making
 my own.  All it would take is puree-ing some fresh
 mango with some good white or champaigne vinegar. 
 kwvegan vegan