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campfire-dinner recipe

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 10:05:46 -0500
 From: wallis@aps.anl.gov (David Wallis)
 Campfire Dinners
 Build a campfire and allow a large bed of coals to build.
 Meanwhile, wash and thinly slice (1/8" or less) any/all of the following
 sweet potato
 green pepper
 torn up veggie burger patties
 Tear off two sheets of aluminum foil about 24" long (more or less,
 depending on your appetite). Assemble the veggies in thin layers on one
 sheet of foil, in whatever combination/quantities you prefer. If you
 don't use mushrooms (which provide a lot of moisture), you may want to
 give the foil a few shots of non-stick spray first. Season with
 some/all of the following:
 garlic powder
 onion powder
 italian seasoning
 Now fold the long edges of the foil up and roll them together, sealing
 the seam. Roll up the ends to seal them as well. Then turn the pakage
 over on the second sheet of foil and repeat the process. When it'a all
 sealed up, toss it on the fire - preferably on a pile of coals. Turn
 over several times. How long to cook depends on how hot the fire, how
 thick your foil diiner is, etc. A little practice will allow you to
 time it pretty well. A reasonable rule of thumb is to turn it twice at
 5-minute intervals (total 15 minutes cooking).
 When it's done to your satisfaction, unwrap and eat right from the foil.
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