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brussels-spouts recipe

Date:    Thu, 03 Mar 94 18:01:35 EST
 From:    "Elisabeth." (eac9m@poe.acc.virginia.edu)
 Brussels sprouts
 slice a red onion, 2 red potatoes, and 2 carrots.  cut all of the
 brussels sprouts in half (after cutting off the tough bottoms).
 put all the ingredients in a heavy skillet or shallow pot
 (enamelized cast-iron is perfect).  pour about 2 cups vegetable
 stock or broth over the vegetables, and add salt and cracked
 black pepper to taste, and a bayleaf if you have one.  cook on
 highish heat until liquid boils, then reduce heat to medium-low
 and cook, covered, until the vegetables are falling-apart tender
 and the broth is caramelizing on the bottom of the pan (maybe 30
 minutes--tend to it occasionally, adding broth if neccessary).
 this is a simple, easy dinner that tastes great!  love those
 brussels sprouts!  Oh, btw, you can do this in the pressure
 cooker.  Keep under pressure for 5 minutes, and be sure to cut
 the potatoes and carrots very small when using the pressure
 cooker so that everything is cooked at the same time.  The
 potatoes get a fabulous texture under pressure, but the broth
 does not caramelize with the vegetable sugars.  Both ways have
 their charms.  --Eli.
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