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brain-dead-dinner recipe

Date:    Mon, 06 Mar 95 11:09:38 EST
 From:    aiko@epoch.com (Aiko Pinkoski)
 Brain Dead Dinner (T)
 A desperate dinner that turned out good enough I made a second batch 
 right after I gobbled up the first :-)
 about 1/2 bag Cascadian country style potatoes (frozen mix of potatoes,
   peppers, and onions) 
 a little apple juice
 about 3 slices of Yves Canadian Bacon (it's veggie & nonfat, not really like
 Canadian Bacon IMHO but tastes more like a decent ham)
 Hain fatfree gravy mix (I hope this is vegetarian, but I threw away my packet
 so I apologize if it's not)
 Chop up the Canadian Bacon slices into bite size pieces.
 Heat apple juice in nonstick skillet.  Add enough potatoes to more or less
 form one layer.  Sprinkle the chopped up canadian bacon on top.  Stir/turn 
 over a couple of times, several minutes apart, to prevent excess sticking 
 (I like crisp potatoes so I let it stick a bit).
 While potatoes are cooking, mix up gravy mix (I was so brain damaged I 
 just microwaved some leftover gravy that I found in the fridge :-), pour over 
 potatoes to taste and eat.
 Some good bread to sop up the gravy would be a plus.  Next time I'll
 add some other frozen veggies.
 kwvegan vegan