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baked-squash recipe

Date:    02 Feb 94 12:59:29 CST
 From:    Nancy L Fulton (N-FULT@vm1.spcs.umn.edu)
 Adaption of Orange-Honey butternut recipes from "Lean and Luscious and
 Meatless" by Hinman and Snyder.
 Baked Squash
     4 packages frozen squash, thrawed (6 cups)
   1/2 cup toasted oat bran
   1/2 cup maple syrup
     1 cup nonfat dry buttermilk (or nonfat dry milk or the vegan equivalent)
     1 tablespoon grated fresh orange peel
 1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie seasoning
 Mix together oat bran, dry milk, orange peel, and seasoning.  Wisk in squash
 and syrup.  Bake at 350 degrees in a large rectangular pan (I use glass) for
 about an hour.  Serve hot or cold.
 1. I buy oat bran in bulk.  Toast it at 350 degrees on a cookie sheet with
    edges.  Stir every 10 minutes until light brown.  I add the orange
    peel at this point and store it in the refrigerator.  Do not add the
    orange peel before toasting, it burns.  Already grated orange peel is
    available but the fresh tastes better.
 2. I have made this with many different kinds of squash and or sweet
    potatoes.  They are all good.  The frozen squash is just the easiest.
 3. Original recipe calls for cinnamon, I like the taste with the pumpkin pie
    spice but I've used others.  I did not like plain clove.
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