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artichokes recipe

Date:    Wed, 27 Apr 94 20:58:03 EDT
 From:    mayflies@aol.com
 Artichokes w/ lemon, garlic & wine (opt)
 My favorite way to prepare them is to trim off the stem, remove any stray
 leaves around the bottom and saw about1"-2" off of the top.  Then using a
 scissor (kitchen shears) cut off the prickly tops of any remaining leaves
 around the outside of the artichoke.  Rinse artichokes well and rub cut parts
 with lemon juice.  Take a clove of garlic and slice thinly.  Stick 4-5 slices
 randomly between the leaves of each artichoke (you'll have to kind of loosen
 up the inner leaves).  Place them in a pot with stems down and squeeze lemon
 juice over the top.  I pour white wine over the tops of them, too.  Add
 enough water so that there is about 2" of liquid in the pan. Cover  and bring
 to a boil.  Turn heat down and simmer, covered, for at least 1 hour - I
 sometimes let them go as long as 2 hours.  They are done when the outer
 leaves pull off easily.  Enjoy with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar or
 whatever you like.
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