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gazpacho-4 recipe

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 13:55:48 -0400
 From: BClymire@aol.com
 Its easy and refreshing and you
 can pretty much make it up as you go along (nothing is exact)
 Makes about 4 modest servings
 1       can or bottle of your favorite veggie juice (I like Knudsen's Very
          seasoning is more interesting and not overly salted like V-8)
 1/2    cucumber (about)
 1/2    green or other bell pepper
 2-3    stalks of celery
 1/2    onion
 1      garlic clove (more if you like garlic)
 Dash of lemon juice if necessary (Very Veggie doesn't need it, other juices
 Dash of your favorite seasonings  (I like basil, thyme and powdered cumin for
 a little flavor hum--it varies each time and some juices are pretty bland.)
 Chop up all the veggies fairly finely (or chunky if you like 'em that way)
 Add them to the juice and add seasonings of your choice and chill.  (In the
 past I used to blend a piece of bread into the juice before adding the
 veggies, it gives it more body--but I prefer it without)
 You can also add chopped up fresh tomatoes if you like your soup that way, I
 like to have the crispness of the veggies but not the mushiness of tomatoes.
  Any other summer veggies work well too, summer squashes are good.  You can
 add as many (if you like chunky) or as few veggies (if you like smoother) to
 your own tastes and season it as strongly as you like.
 When I have it, I dollop fat-free plain yoghurt on top, in our house we've
 gotten so used to substituting fat-free yoghurt for sour cream that even the
 fat-free sour cream tastes too rich to us.  Soup is good served with fresh
 kwvegan vegan