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gazpacho-2 recipe

Date:    Wed, 26 Jan 94 14:50:02 MDT
 From:    (RAY_WHEELER@dsu1.dsu.nodak.edu)
 Ray's Unforgettable Gazpacho
   1 cup chopped green peppers
   1 cup diced fresh tomatoes
   1 cup chopped (walla walla if possible) onions
   20-25 cloves of (hardneck if possible) garlic 
   2 large jalapeno chiles diced without seeds
   1 large can of V8 or tomato juice
   4 tbls fat free sour cream
   Mexican herbs to match your tastes (cilantro, chili powder, cumin, 
     crushed red pepper etc.)
   Cool tomato juice or V8 in the freezer until it is very cold. Pour 
 into soup bowls and stir in herbs. Add a couple of tablespoons of 
 tomatoes, peppers and onions. Crush one or two cloves of garlic into 
 the mix. Add a teaspoon or two of jalapeno, and stir everything 
 gently. Add a modest dollop of fat free sour cream in the center of 
 the bowl. Say your prayers.
 Note: The quantities of things you put into the liquid can vary 
 infinitely. Experiment until you get things to please you. If I 
 perspire profusely at the temples, I know I've gotten things right for 
 me, but gentler versions are great for beginners.
 kwlacto lacto