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wine-jelly recipe

Date:    Tue, 27 Dec 94 10:10:30 PST
 From:    Peter_Brooks (pb@hpocia.sj.hp.com)
 From the _Canning & Preserving_ book, ISBN 0-376-02213-2
 [Note:  Jelly recipes leave little room for variation.  Do not double, and
 don't play with the proportions of sugar/wine.  Lastly, find the right
 pectin.  It matters.  I have several pints of cranapple syrup that were
 supposed to be jelly to remind me of these facts...  :-)]
 --Wine Jelly--
 Again, this recipe will *not* double.  If you want more, do two separate
 batches.  It's not really much more work.
 Paraphrasing, the best wines for jelly are those with a full natural flavor
 and body, though any wine would do.  (Save the '74 Ridge Zinfandel for
 drinking, however.)  For a deep red, try a mellow Port, or a Pino Noir
 or a (cheap) Zinfandel.  A Rose^H' would do nicely here, too.
   1 3/4 cups wine
   3     cups sugar (Vegans, try succanat.)
   1 3ounce pouch liquid pectin.
   Prepare 4 half-pint canning jars or jelly glasses.  (Wash, and leave in
   hot water.  Wash lids if necessary, and place in boiling water.  Leave
   in hot water until ready.)
   Mix wind and sugar in top of a double boiler.  Place over boiling water; stir
   until sugar is completely dissolved (circa 5 minutes).  Remove from heat,
   but leave mix over hot water.  Stir in pactin all at once.  If foam forms,
   skim off with a metal spoon.  
   Leave the jelly to set one minutes, skim off the foam.  Pour jelly quickly
   into hot jars, filling to 1/8" of the top.  Carefully wipe off rim of
   jar.  Put lid on each jar as it is filled, screwing ring tightly.
   [At this point, Sunset says to let cool.  I'd process in a water bath
   for 5 minutes.  In a bath (a stockpot or huge saucepan), set up a small
   rack and fill with enough water to cover the filled jars, with about
   an inch of water.  Hint:  if you boil your jars to sterilize them, use
   the water bath for both purposes.  Hint2: Pressure cookers make good
   water baths for small runs. ]  
   [Still on water bath:  Put jars into boiling water, and start timer when
   water gets batck to boiling.  Hold for 5 minutes, then pull out.]
   (if you stay with the Sunset approach, invert the jars to finish
   sterilizing the lids.  You'll avoid any mold.)
   Place jars on a towel *away from drafts* and let cool.  Should keep almost
   forever until opened.
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