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rhubarb-applesauce recipe

Date:    17 Aug 93 16:04:01 -0900
 From:    "Ari Kornfeld" (ari_kornfeld@qm.sri.com)
   Here's my favorite apple sauce recipe.  It's real easy too.
 Rhubarb Apple Sauce
 4-5 large sweet apples (I like golden delicious which are very sweet)
 3 long, thick rhubarb stalks
 1/2 pint strawberries
 sweetner to taste (I use none)
 -Peel and chop rhubarb.  
 -Core, peel and chop apple.  
 -Pick stems off strawberries.
 -Dump it all in a pot and add a little water (1/4 cup?) to prevent burning
 (once the apples start cooking they will release their own liquid so the water
 is really needed because of the first minutes of cooking.)
 -Cook, covered, on a medium flame until boiling then turn heat down and tilt
 the cover a little to let steam escape.
 -Stir occassionally.
 -Simmer until most of the apples have disolved and the mix doesn't look too
 watery - around half and hour.  It's best to turn off the flame while the mix
 is still a little watery since more water will evaporate while it is cooling
 I prefere the texture when some apple chunks are left in the sauce.
 If you can't find rhubarb, try cranberries.
 You can also use this as a "low sugar" jam.
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