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curried-fruit recipe

Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 18:07:11 -0700
From: Katherine Albitz (kra@sdd.hp.com)

Curried Fruit

5  1 lb cans of fruit in its own juice (pears, peaches, pineapple,
       mandarin oranges, apricots are my favorites)
1 small jar cherries
2 t curry powder
3/4 cup brown sugar

Drain all the fruits except save off 1/2 cup of juice (I like pear
juice.) Mix the curry and sugar, mix with the fruits and the fruit
juice. Put in a 9x11 rectangular pan. Bake uncovered at 325 F for
1 hour.

This can be eaten for breakfast, with or without ff yogurt; you can
eat it over ice cream, or ff cake. It is good warm or cold.

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