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cranberry-sauce recipe

Date:    Fri, 29 Oct 93 10:00:17 CDT
 From:    cgibas@wraightc3.life.uiuc.edu (Cynthia J. Gibas)
 cranberry sauce
 1.5 c. water
 1 bag of cranberries (in your grocer's refrigerator case now, yum)
 about 1/4 c. honey
 2-3 t. salt
 pinch hot pepper flakes
 1 T nutritional yeast
 boil cranberries in water until they pop (use a potato masher to speed up the
 process).  Add flavorings.
 the object here is sort of a cranberry chutney.  It should not be sweet, but
 rather savory.   
 kwhoney honey