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cranberry-puree recipe

Date:    Wed, 10 Nov 93 10:55:58 CST
 From:    Lu Bozinovich (U33754%UICVM@uic.edu)
 One way to prepare cranberries, which I love, is to make a puree out of
 them and strain off the skins.
 Cranberry puree
 2 to 4 bags of fresh cranberries (15 oz each, standard size I think)
 boiling water
 sweetener  (ie. sugar, brown rice syrup, etc.)
 Put the contents of up to 2 bags of cranberries in a pot of boiling water
 and wait until the skin pops for the majority of the berries.  Pull out
 the berries with a strainer (ie. the water is reusable, and makes a nice
 drink when cool).  If you do 4 bags, you can reuse the water, and repeat
 the process (then the water will be even richer as a juice when cool).
 Press the drained cooked cranberries through a seive.  The method I use
 takes about an hour (so more efficient suggestions would be appreciated),
 and you do experience diminishing marginal returns if you keep at it, so
 you can quit earlier and still have a lot of sauce.  Seive by pressing
 the berries against the inside of a wire mesh strainer with a large spoon
 over a bowl.  Some sauce will drip down, but as the remaining berry-skin
 mush gets drier, there will be a tendency for the sauce to collect against
 the bottom of the mesh strainer.  Then you just scrape some of this off
 and drop it into the bowl.  When you are left with mostly skins, you might
 mix in a tbs. or two of water, and keep straining.
 Four bags of berries should fill a standard medium sized bowl to the brim.
 You can then sweeten to taste, or use it in other recipes.  Discard the
 I served this over hazelnut torte at a Christmas pot luck, and it was a big
 hit.  It might also be good as a filling for squash, or in "turnovers".
 This year, I plan to try modifying my torte recipe to fulfill FF guidelines,
 wish me luck!
 kwvegan vegan