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cranberry-orange-relish recipe

Date:    Mon, 15 Nov 93 02:33:46 EST
 From:    Donna Sullivan (Donna_Sullivan@MathWorks.Com)
 Subject: Cranberry orange relish
 This one is always a hit. The exact recipe is on the back of the cranberry bag 
 (if you buy Ocean Spray cranberries - probably on all makes.) In general it 
 goes like this:
 1 bag of cranberries (1 pound bag)
 2 medium oranges, peel and all (no seeds though)
 1/4 - 1/2 cup sugar depending on how tart/sweet you like it
 Put cranberries (uncooked) and oranges through a meat grinder (a food 
 processor would do as well) alternating between cranberries and orange pieces. 
 Mix together with sugar and walnuts and refrigerate overnight.
 Simple, fatfree, and delicious.
 kwvegan vegan