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citrus-marmalade recipe

Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 14:18:03 -0600 (CST)
 From: Ana Theresa Morlet (amorlet@tenet.edu)
 What to do with SOooo many citrus fruits! I give this JOY OF COOKING
 recipe for Orange-Grapefruit-Lemon Marmalade an A+.
 Scrub, cut in halves, remove the seeds and slice into very small pieces:
 	1 grapefruit
 	3 oranges
 	3 lemons
 Measure the fruit and juice and add 3 times the amount of water.  Soak 
 for 12 hours.  Simmer for about 20 minutes.  Let stand again for 12 
 hours.  For every cup of fruit and juice add:
 	3/4 cup sugar
 Cook these ingredients in small quantities, about 4 to 6 cups at a time, 
 until they form a jelly when tested.
 It's a little more work to make marmalade instead of jam, but well worth 
 the effort.  I did not use as much sugar as it called for in the recipe, 
 only about 1/2 cup per cup of fruit.
 kwvegan vegan