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candied-fruit-peel recipe

Date: Tue, 5 Dec 95 7:38:13 -0500
 From: "Jackson, Mandy" (mjack@usia.gov)
 Candied Fruit Peel (T)
 * peel from 2 oranges (grapefruit, etc.), cut into strips
 * 2 cups water
 * 1/2 TBS salt
 * sugar
 1) Place peel, water and salt in a large bowl.  Soak 24 hours.
 2) Drain and rinse peel.
 3) Soak peel in fresh water 20 minutes.  Drain again.
 4) Place in a large pot of fresh, boiling water.  Cook 20 minutes.
 5) When cool, drain and measure peel in a measuring cup.
 6) Place peel and equal amount of sugar in a large pot.  Cook over medium 
 heat 45 minutes or until sugar is absorbed.  Stir often.  Be careful not 
 to burn.  Dry on a cookie sheet.
 these sound a bit odd, but make a pretty & yummy treat.  
 kwvegan vegan