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applesauce recipe

Date:    Mon, 14 Jun 93 08:09:55
 From:    (John Sechrest) (jasmic!sechrest@CS.ORST.EDU)
 Apple sauce is just a slightly cooked down puree of apples. You can make
 it by peeling and coring several apples. 
 The tart ones work best.
 Then slice them in small pieces. 
 Put them in a pan with a small amount of water and let them 
 cook at a reasonably low temperature until they cook down.
 You might want to add more water if things dry up... But if you
 are at the right temperature, they will start juicing up and making
 liquid of thier own.
 Some people add a little salt or sugar. We like to add a bit of 
 cinnamon sugar. But it is not needed. 
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