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apple-butter-5 recipe

Date:    Fri, 16 Sep 94 19:59:10 GMT
 From:    jim.massey@cjewel.com (Jim Massey)
 Apple Butter
 OK, here is a recipe that I follow once a year, when I make about 15
 quarts of A.B. and spend the rest of the year eating it.
 Buy a bushel or two of apples.  The best for apple butter are MacIntosh
 (with the RAM chips taken out :) ), but a mixture of 80% Mac with 20%
 Rome or Jonathan is even better.  Wash the apples and cut in half.
 Throw the halves in as many Dutch ovens as necessary and put just enough
 liquid (apple cider, juice or just water) to keep the apples from
 burning the bottom of the pot.  Place on low heat (or even less, but not
 so low that it's nothing) and simmer for 12-24 hours, until the apples
 are thoroughly cooked and the skins are translucent.
 Run the resulting mush through a foley mill to get rid of seeds and
 skins.  Take the resulting apple sauce and do the following:  put three
 quarts in a dutch oven, along with three pints s*g*r, two tbsp. cinnamon
 and one tbsp. pumpkin pie spice, and place on low heat, simmering for
 another 12-24 hours until the butter is DARK (but make sure it doesn't
 burn on the bottom of the pot--you'll NEVER clean it up!).  Then...
 pour about 1 cup sake in the butter, then turn up the heat to med-high
 and cover loosely, allowing the butter to boil down for 30-60 minutes
 until desired thickness.  Boil canning jars and can the apple butter
 using rings and lids following the usual procedure (directions come with
 the lids :) ).
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