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instant-sorbet recipe

Date:    Thu, 16 Jun 94 09:23:47 EDT
 This is a frozen dessert, that, with a little pre-planning,
 is practically instant.
  Take a can of juice-packed peaches or pineapple.  Freeze it for
 several hours.  (That's right, just put the can in the freezer!)
 Open and dump frozen contents into food processor with metal
 chopping blade in place or into a blender.  Process until desired
 consistency. Enjoy!
 Note: You can also do this with frozen bananas.  I find this is a
 good way to use them this time of year when they get over-ripe so
 quickly.  Freeze them* in "zip-lock" type bags - peeling them when
 frozen can give you frostbite!  They end up very creamy--like very rich
 ice cream...but with no added fat,sugar, etc...   *w/o peels
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