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chocolate-banana-ice-cream recipe

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 22:56:24 -0700
From: Tony Doman (Tony_Doman@brookscanada.com)

Chocolate-banana "ice-cream"

This recipe is a very simple, surprisingly-realistic chocolate ice cream
substitute for anyone who loves chocolate but hates the
calories/fat/dairy product part.

Ingredients: (for one serving, but you can scale this up to make as much
as you want)

1 very ripe banana
1 tsp. Dutch-processed cocoa. (this makes it quite chocolatey; you may
adjust to taste).

It is all in the technique:

Peel the banana and cut it into 1/4 inch slices.  Put the slices into a
plastic bag or other container and freeze until rock hard.

Place the banana into a room-temperature bowl, preferably the one you
want to serve it in/eat it from.  Wait a minute, then with a fork or
potato masher, mash the banana into a smooth texture.  The cold banana
will chill the bowl (which will help keep the dessert cool while you eat
it), while softening slightly, making it easier to mash.  I have tried
using a food processor, but it does not seem to work as well.

Once a smooth consistency is reached, add the cocoa and continue to mash
until the cocoa is thoroughly mixed.  

Serve immediately.

This dessert does not keep particularly well, so it is best prepared
just before you want to eat it.  However, since the banana(s) is/are
frozen ahead of time (overnight is fine), it only takes a couple of
minutes to prepare, so is great at parties.

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