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spirulina-shake recipe

Date:    Wed, 27 Apr 94 09:21:29 PDT
 From:    Drew Monrad (COMPTEC92125@camins.Camosun.BC.CA)
 Spirulina Shake
 This is a good tide over between meals or as a light meal, but can be an 
 acquired taste.
 10 ice cubes
 1  ripe banana
 1  T spirulina
 1  T herbal liquid
 1  T honey
 Blend ice in food processor or blend until slushy.  Add banana and blend until
 evenly mixed.  Combine remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.
 Nutrition (per serving)  189 calories
   Saturated Fat	 0 g
   Total Fat	 1 g ( 3% of calories)
   Protein	 2 g ( 3% of calories)
   Carb		44 g (94% of calories)
   Cholestorol	  0 mg		Sodium   	 8  g
   Fiber		  1  g		Iron	 	 1 mg
   Vitamin A	290 IU		Vitamin C	14 mg
 Source:  Dennis Lamour
 kwhoney honey