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spiffy-smoothie recipe

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 06:15:48 -0400
From: The O'Briens (obfam@hardynet.com)

Hi!  I am a BIG fan of smoothies.  I love to throw stuff in the blender and
just go with it!  I made this smoothie the other night and liked it pretty
well, just thought I'd share.  (Great thing about smoothies is you can use
this recipe or change an ingredient or two to get exactly what you like!)

Spiffy Smoothie

1 container of FF fruit yogurt (I used one of the small 	Light Yoplait
Strawberry yogurts)
1 package vanilla pudding (I used the Jello sugar free 	kind--less calories)
3/4-1 cup frozen berries
1 banana and/or 1 pear
1/2 c. FF fruit-flavored ice cream (I used Hershey's FF 	Strawberry ice cream)
water or milk, amount depends on thickness preference

Blend until smooth.  Makes quite a bit, I like them thick too, so if you
don't like them quite as thick, keep adding more milk or water.   Top with
a dallop of FF whipped topping too, if you'd like!  It's a pretty filling
drink, I like to serve drinks like these as dessert after dinner or have
one for breakfast.

kwlacto lacto