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lassi recipe

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 12:19:41 -0400
From: Ann E Christmann (mystox@juno.com)
Message-Id: (19991026.121943.-377545.0.MYSTOX@juno.com)

Adapted from "Great Vegetarian Dishes" by Korma dasa:
	Lassi (Serves 1)
	1 c. plain fat free yogurt
	1/4 c. cold water
	3 ice cubes
	2 tsp. sugar
	1/4 tsp rose water (or more if you want- it's pretty potent)
	Mix together in a blender until ice cubes are almost gone.
	Top with finely chopped pistachio nuts.

	You can add any kind of fruit for variety, but it tastes fine as is.

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