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fruit-drink recipe

Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 19:31:48 EDT
From: (Gma0553@aol.com)

Fruit Drink

This drink is wonderfully filling and tastes great. It's also Fat Free!!!

INGREDIENTS: ( can use almost any fruit)
   1 apple 
   1 orange
   1 banana
   This is your basic drink, to give a special flavor, use a special fruit
with it. Pineapple works great, so does peach, kiwi, nectarine, a mango is my
personal favorite though.
   You just cut up the fruit, put it in the blender and then, after it's all
in there, fill the blender half way with cold water. If you like it cold, add
about 4 ice cubes and then blend it. This makes two very large glasses or
three mid-sized ones.

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