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banana-cranberry-tofu-smoothie recipe

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 10:07:00 -0500
From: Anne Cox (coxa@pilot.msu.edu)

Banana-cranberry juice-tofu smoothie

2 peeled bananas, frozen or fresh (if your bananas are giant, use one)
1 box Mori-Nu lite tofu
cranberry juice
1 teaspoon maple syrup

Break bananas into 3" pieces and put in blender.  Add the tofu, broken up a 
bit.  Pour cranberry juice in to almost cover.   Blend, adding more juice 
if mixture seems too thick.  Add maple syrup while blending.  Vary the 
texture to your preference, I like it at yogurt consistency.  Pour some 
over a cooked bowl of oatmeal and swirl in.

This will make a full blender of smoothie, enough for 4-6  bowls of 
oatmeal.  I  store the leftover smoothie in a glass container in the 
refrigerator, where it often mysteriously disappears :-)   For some reason, 
it tastes like a strawberry shake.

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