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spicy-garbanzo-spread recipe

Date:    Mon, 04 Oct 93 09:55:49 PDT
 From:    tachyon@cats.ucsc.edu (Tane' Tachyon)
 Note: this is very crumbly stuff ... people who would rather avoid
 having lots of crumbs fall out of their pita or tortilla or whatever,
 or who would like to have it on toast or bagels, should probably add
 more liquid.  Personally I like the crumbly rather than wet texture.
 I cooked one pound (dry) of garbanzo beans.
 In my rice cooker I cooked together:
      two cups (dry) of brown rice
      1 tb vegie broth powder
      2 tsp hot curry powder
 While they were cooking, I chopped in the cuisinart and threw into a
 very big bowl:
      a big red bell pepper (usually I would use 2 or 3 anaheim peppers
                             instead, but I didn't have any)
      a whole big head of garlic
      a couple handfuls of basil leaves from the garden
      a handful of oregano leaves from the garden
      13 very hot peppers from the garden, some were serranos and some
             a guatemalan purple variety -- this made the result *very*
             hot, so other people might like to use less
 I also chopped a bunch of green onions and threw it into the bowl
 When the garbanzos were done, I ground them up in the cuisinart with:
      1 tb balsamic vinegar
      1 tb vegie broth powder
      2 tsp hot curry powder
      (if I hadn't been out of cumin I would have thrown some of that
      in too)
 Then I threw the rice and ground-up garbanzos into the big bowl and
 mixed it all together.
 This makes over three large peanut-butter jars (I may not eat peanut
 butter any more but I still have lots of old jars for just this
 purpose) full of spicy sandwich filling.
 kwvegan vegan