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mock-guacamole-2 recipe

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 10:26:28 EDT
 From: msutton@usgcrp.gov (Mark Sutton)
 Mockamole/Mock Guac
 5 or 6          combination of small fresh green
                 zucchinis, pattypan, and
                 scallopini squashes (pattypans make
                 the guac creamier)
 3               garlic cloves, sliced into narrow strips
                 salt and pepper to taste
 seasonings:     salsa
                 lime or lemon juice
                 chopped tomatoes
                 chopped green onions
                 chopped chiles
                 chili powder
 1.  Chop the squash into small pieces.
 2.  Steam the squash, garlic, and salt/pepper together until the
 squash is _completely_ cooked but still green.
 3.  Drain the liquid out of the squash and place the squash in
 a large bowl.
 4.  With a fork or potato masher, mash the squash until you
 cannot detect individual pieces of squash.  Drain the squash again.
 5.  Add any of the optional seasonings to taste.  Mix together.  Chill
 (to set) or serve immediately.
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