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garbanzo-spread recipe

Date:    Wed, 04 Aug 93 17:41:15 EDT
 From:    Ellen Kehrbaum (l-n@esu.edu)
 Garbanzo Sandwich Spread
 1 can Garbanzo beans
 1 clove Garlic
 nonfat salad dressing (orig. used mayo)
 Assorted veggies (choped small)
 	- onions
 	- peppers (red/yellow/green)
 	- carrots
 	- broccoli (emphasis on VERY small)
 	- cabbage
 	- etc.
 Rinse and drain the garbanzos.  Mash them up with a potato masher (or a
 food processor on chop) the idea is to leave some chunks.  Mix in the
 garlic (chopped -- i use prechopped kind) and veggies.  Then add enough
 dressing to make it moist.  Be careful if you use peppers not to make it
 too "wet", because they will release more liquid into the mixture overnite.
 I like to let this sit a day and then just scoop it into a pita with
 lettuce and tomato.  It really needs a pita because it falls apart otherwise.
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