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florida-bean-dip recipe

Date:    Sun, 11 Sep 94 13:56:32 CDT
 From:    judith@utig.ig.utexas.edu (Judith Haller)
 There was a request for black bean dip a few weeks back. This one, clipped
 from a May '93 magazine (Eating Well, I think), has a novel tropical
 flavor, kind of a nice change from our spicy favorites.
 Florida Keys Black Bean Dip
 1 16-0z can black beans
 2 TBS chopped red onion
 2 TBS balsamic vinegar
 1 TBS orange juice
 1 clove garlic
 (Please measure carefully. I overdid the oj and onions once--and regretted it.)
 Combine ingredients in the blender/processor and whir til smooth. Serve
 with thin slices of chayote squash. 
 I also like to garnish the dip with orange zest and cilantro and served it
 with tortillas. 
 kwvegan vegan