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curry-aioli recipe

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 16:52 -0800
From: "Bean, Rich" (rbean@pulsenetwork.com)

There were some wonderful fresh artichokes at the store this weekend.
I love steamed artichokes with aioli (garlic mayonnaise) dip, and have
been looking for fatfree ways to enjoy my artichokes.  I found that
the fatfree mayonnaise substitute lacks something (yeah, fat).  Last
night, I tried adding a tablespoon of white wine to a fatfree mayo,
and it added just what was needed:

 Curry Aioli

 1/3 cup  fatfree mayo substitute (I used Kraft)
 1-2 cloves  garlic pressed in garlic press
 1-2 tsp    curry powder
    (1 tsp paprika instead of curry works well, too)
 1 tbsp     white wine
 salt,pepper if desired

Mix them all up and put in fridge while the artichokes steam so the   
flavors can combine.

To steam the artichokes, first cut about 1 inch off the tops (I use a
bread knife to saw through the leaves).  Using scissors, cut the top
half-inch off each leaf that has a sharp exposed tip (you don't want
to stick yourself when pulling leaves off).  Then put the artichokes
upside down into about 1 inch of boiling water with some herbs and
garlic in it. (I steamed my artichokes in water with garlic cloves and
fresh rosemary, but there are a lot of other good things to throw in
like lemon slices, basil, oregano, or other herbs).  Cover loosely,
reduce heat to simmer and steam for about 40-45 minutes for large
artichokes (you might have to replenish the water).  The outermost
leaves might be tough, and you can remove them first before steaming,
although I don't.

Makes enough for 3-4 artichokes depending on how much dip you like.

kwovo ovo