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chili-cheese-dip recipe

Date:    Tue, 16 Aug 94 15:08:52 EDT
 From:    MAYFLIES@aol.com
 Chili Cheese Dip
 1 large bag baked tortilla chips
 8 oz ff cream cheese 
 1 1/2 c ff cheddar cheese-divided use 
 1 can spicy ff veggi chili (or 2 c of your favorite recipe)
 1/2 c chopped green or purple onions
 Spread cream cheese in bottom of oven safe serving dish.  Layer 1 c cheddar
 cheese over that and pour/spread chili over cheeses.  Top with reserved 1/2 c
 cheese and bake at 375 for 30 min or until bubbly.  Top with raw onions and
 serve with ff tortilla chips.
 kwlacto lacto