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bean-dip-3 recipe

Date:    Thu, 13 Jan 94 22:55:23 PST
 From:    Bob_Vadnais@NeXT.COM (Bob Vadnais)
 Bean dip
 1 can Rosarita non-fat refried beans
 juice of 1 lemon
 one jalepeno
 3 to four cloves of garlic
 Put about 1/3 of the beans and the other stuff in a food 
 processor and chop into a soupy mess.  Add the rest of the
 beans, then enjoy with Guiltless Gourmet non oil added 
 tortilla chips or homemade greaseless corn tortilla chips.
 This snack/mini meal is very easy to make, but it sure tastes
 good to me.
 kwvegan vegan