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artichoke-cream-cheese recipe

Date:    Wed, 26 Jan 94 11:23:14 EST
 From:    "ALEKZANDARA S. TRAYNOR" (atraynor@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu)
 Artichoke Cream Cheese
 2 cloves of garlic
 5-8 artichoke heart halves in water
 4 Tbsp FF Cottage Cheese
 Cayenne, to taste
 Black Pepper, to taste
 Fresh Cilantro, to taste (or Basil, etc)
 bake or microwave garlic if possible, to make it milder and sweeter.
 add to food processor with artichoke hearts and fresh herb of choice.  
 chop.  get the artichoke pieces as small as possible, but making a puree 
 is by no means nescessary.  add cottage cheese and other spices and 
 "puree" until the lumps in the cottage cheese are gone and the mixture is 
 kwlacto lacto