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zucchini-pie recipe

Date:    Thu, 22 Jul 93 12:37:43 BST
 From:    Kathy.Jago@uk.sun.com (Kathy Jago - Sun CSIR)
 x courgettes (I used 5 because that was how many I had)
 3 carrots    (you get the idea of proportions)
 1 tbs white wine viniger
 1 can w/w mushroom soup
 1 onion
 bread (original recipie suggested french loaf, I used 3 slices mighty white)
 low-fat spread
 1 clove garlic 
 slice the courgettes, finely dice the onion, microwave together until lightly
 grate the carrots
 open tin of soup, pour into saucepan.  add courgette mixture, carrots and
 wine viniger.  cook until warm/cooked (about 10 minutes).  heat grill.
 mash garlic + spread togther.  cut bread into soldiers (strips).  place
 mushroom mix in a shallow oven-proof dish.  cover top with bread slices
 pop under grill untill bread becomes crispy toast
 eat immediately !!
 kwvegan vegan