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strawberry-cream-rolls recipe

Date:    Tue, 06 Jun 95 07:31 PDT
 From: sally charette                       (ECZ5SCC@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU)
 I bouht a big ol' lavosh for the first time last night and
 experimented with it .  Lavosh is an (Armenian, I think) flatbread
 that is made without any salt or fat (at least by the Babylon Bakery
 hereabouts).  You could probably also use a FF flour tortilla, if you
 can find one.
 Also, any fresh fruit that you could thin-slice would work here.  Mangos might
 be really interesting...
 Strawberry Sour Cream Crepoid Rolls (elegant title, no?)
 One big piece of lavosh or four flour tortillas
 A basket of strawberries
 1 cup FF sour cream
 Sugar (I used turbinado)
 Cut four 8"x10" sheets out of the lavosh.  Lay them out flat.  Spread each
 lavosh with sour cream.  Sprinkle with turbinado sugar (it crunches a little
 when you eat it) or with confectioner's sugar (if you don't like the crunch).
 Thin-slice the strawberries and lay them on the sour cream.
 Leave about 1/2 an inch of the lavosh dry at either side and about 1 1/2 inches
 at the long ends.  This allows for what is known in the trade as squish and
 Gently roll the lavosh up so that you have a 8 inch long tubes.  Cut the tubes
 into four 2 inch rolls.
 Serve on a plate with a little sprig of something green.  Or, if you're like
 me, just make one and eat it off the paper plate you made it on.
 kwovo ovo