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phyllo-pastries recipe

Date:    Mon, 20 Feb 95 10:05:04 EST
 A while back someone suggested putting a slice of pineapple in a folded sheet
 of phyllo dough.  I took their recipe and modified it a little and it worked
 very well:
 Phyllo Pies
 Fruit, drained - I used pineapple, cherries, and strawberries 
 phyllo dough
 pam or other spray oil (regular oil in a pump spray bottle would be cheaper and
 			equally effective)
 flour and sugar, 50-50 mixture, about 1/2 c per cup to cup and a half of fruit.
 Any fruit would work fine, I think.  Take the fruit and thaw if frozen and
 drain.  Mix the flour/sugar mixture into the fruit.  The flour thickens the
 remaining juices of the fruit so it hopefully won't make the pastry soggy, and
 sugar for sweetness  (this amount of sugar is to MY taste, vary to adjust for
 desired flavor).
 Take a few sheets of the phyllo dough and roll the rest back up.  The phyllo
 dries out very quickly.  Fold each sheet of dough into fourths (fold in half
 and then in half in the other direction), put a spoonful of fruit in the middle
 of the dough, and fold the dough over the fruit into a neat little package. 
 Put the package onto a cookie sheet sprayed with Pam.  When the cookie sheet is
 full, spray the tops of all the packages with Pam to keep it from burning.  
 Bake in a 325 F oven for about 20 min - until a light golden brown color on
 I really liked these.  Some split and ran anyway, but they still tasted great,
 even for breakfast the next day.  It also works pretty well when I had to use 2
 sheets for each package.  When I got to the end of the box, the dough was
 getting too dried out and wouldn't separate into single sheets, so I used
 doubled sheets.
 kwvegan vegan