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phyllo-nests recipe

Date:    Thu, 02 Jun 94 08:51:07 EDT
 From:    Christina Hulbe (chulbe@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu)
 Phyllo Nests
      A nice, easy, use for oil-less phyllo
 is as fancy nests in which to serve poached
 fruit.  I cut (or tear) a sheet in 2 or
 3 strips, drape them in an oven-proof bowl,
 and bake (at about 400 F, check the box)
 until they are lightly toasted with a few
 darker places.  Poach some fruit (whole
 pears and apples are nice) in juice &&
 serve in the phyllo nest w/ a bit of the
 poaching syrup dribbled over the top
 (maybe add a few whole berries to decorate).
 Assemble them at serving time so the phyllo
 will not get soggy.
 kwvegan vegan